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Medical marijuanas doctor Orlando

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State of Florida Certified Medical Marijuana Doctor since 2016
> 27 yrs M.D.- Internist- 'Hospitalist'
Assistant Prof.of Medicine, UCF

Experience in Functional Medicine,
Natural,Alternative & Holistic Nutritional Medicine
Coach you to symptom-less... get back your life faster

Experienced staff will guide you to apply today for state Marijuana Card with our know how
Depth of Knowledge in Many Branches of Medicine and Surgery with Inpatient Medicine >20 yrs

Passion with Compassionate care for early & better healing-Experienced Health Coach

Be a model for your future generations being Healthy- Practicing easy good lifestyle

Healthy Brain & Soul-reduce complications- Achieve healthy cells, organs

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Established, experienced Doctor with 30 years experience will certainly make a difference for your 'disease free life'!

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Deep, sharp, Up To Date knowledge in medical marijuana, cannabinoid receptors in different organs, mode of action on different organs-

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Many of our clients successfully reached their goals and got back their life–faster with complementary total nutrition/lifestyle program

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M.D. with passion for nearly perfect care with good supporting staff for >30 years


Internal & Functional Medicine
Double Board Certified

Orthopedics before coming to New York City.

State of Florida - Certified Marijuana Doctor, Certified in Functional Medicine & Internal Medicine,Natural-Nutritional and Holistic Practice fusion, Proficient Hospitalist- Inpatient Medicine for > 21 years-



Graduated from UF, President of Office Managers Association.Well experienced to guide you to get card and referring your choice best Dispensaries. Helping our patients for 25 years with addition of caring with Passion.
Will give info on Florida Dispensaries like MUV,Truelief



Experience in Cryolipolysis,RF skin care,Acne,Wrinkles,Chronic pain and Ulcers,ED Rx.



Many yrs. of experience, keeping our clients happy by communicating skills, after care coordination.

What our Clients Say

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J.H. *****


“I’ve suffered from Tourette's (tics) for decades. After just a few weeks following Dr. Reddys’ instructions using MM, I am free of tics. And able to sleep throughout the night without any GERD symptoms. I give the team ***** for their knowledge and support”


Edleen Velázquez Correa ***** Google

“Dr. Reddy was very informative and his staff helped me through out the certification process. I will definitely recommend them for a 5 Star Treatment. I never thought Functional Medicine approach combining with Medical Marijuana can fix chronic problems

Dr. B.R

Richard Duemmling ***** Google

“Dr Reddy and his staff are very knowledgeable in Medical Marijuana and helped me through the process. Dr Reddy takes a holistic approach towards health and spent quite a bit of time with me during my appointment. I recommend Dr Reddy over the larger corporate medical marijuana offices since he treats you as if he were your own personal physician. ”.

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